5 reasons why your brand needs a rebrand

At Certo Design we often explain how a logo design and a brand, or rebrand, are not the same. So to recap - a logo is a symbol or mark that distinguishes your company, while a brand is the idea behind a company. This is primarily how you represent your company visually (often dictated by brand guidelines). However it can also include a mission statement, how people interact with and feel towards your brand.

No matter how big or old your company, rebranding is an important decision to make and not one to be taken lightly. With this in mind here are a few points that signal that it’s time to rebrand.


You have outgrown your existing branding

If you built your company from scratch, there's a good chance that you have never hired a designer to help you create a brand identity or logo. Although this wasn’t an issue when you were starting out, if you are trying to expand or increase business, it might be time to match the quality of your branding with the quality of the company itself.


Your brand is mistaken for another company

At the end of the day, branding is all about differentiation and this includes competitors. So if you your brand is getting lost within a competitive marketplace, why not try something new? Reposition your brand to focus on your companies unique selling points can make your brand exponentially more visible to your target audience and consumers searching for your solutions and services.


You want to connect with a new audience

So you have an ideal target audience of consumers... but are you attracting a varied range of clients?

First there was 'Baby Boomers' then 'Generation X'. Today it’s 'Millennials'. There’s always another generation on the way so it makes sense to evolve with them. A rebrand allows you to do just this, and redefine your business. Ultimately reaching new demographics and untapped audiences.


You are merging or expanding

Local businesses are often faced with the reality of a rebrand if they hope to expand or move. This will often involve renaming or adding sub-companies. Sometimes, however, a regional name can simply be repositioned to suit a larger audience or even a different market.


You're not proud of your brand

We are sure you’ve worked very hard to create, or be part of, your company. A company that you’re really proud of. If this is the case, then it's a big problem if the branding is something you’re embarrassed by.

The same pride you feel for your company should be reflected in your branding. We can guarantee that your customers will share your feelings and have that same disconnect and towards your brand.

If you cringe when you reach for your business card, or avoid updating your website, it’s more than likely time for a rebrand. Therefore if your branding feels outdated, dull or simply doesn't representative your business get yourself to a branding agency... we are more than happy to suggest one!

The most important lessons when it comes to successful rebranding is that it happens only after a careful evaluation of your business and your goals.

Rebranding should be undertaken from a strategic perspective. Rebranding just because you feel like is a waste of time and resources, and it can even backfire on you.

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