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I'm Daniel Anderson, a professional designers based in Lancashire. As a designer I specialise in logo design and branding, creating unique vibrant graphics.
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Branding & Graphic Design

Specialising in building brands

I love to get creative with entrepreneurs from across Lancashire and beyond. With over 9 years professional graphic design and website design experience under my belt, I’m able to offer a range of branding and design services to help build your brand.
Creativity is intelligence having fun
Albert Einstein

Core Values

Key principles


We should all be proud of the work we produce and be brave in pursuit of our ideas. Creativity has no boundaries after all. With this in mind, I constantly challenge myself to think laterally and create bold, confident designs and solutions. Then delivery them with conviction.


Design is technically 'work' for me, but I enjoy what I do. So this should come across in my work. That is to say I believe work should be enjoyed, as every day presents a new challenge and a fresh outlook. As a result, a playful creativity should shine through in the final designs.


I always have your interests in mind and I'm honest when explaining my design decisions.

Honest and open dialogue is essential to building trust and a mutual perspective. I therefore expect no less than 100% honesty when assessing designs.

Design Process

Method to the madness


You can contact me by phone or email, then we will have a quick chat to establish the details specific to the design job. Then I can create a detailed brief on which to base an accurate quote. Alteratively you can complete a design brief here.


If you are happy with the quote, our next step is to develop visual concepts. Project depending, a mood board might be discussed. Or alternatively we might exchange references. The aim here is to sync our visions for the project ahead.


In a word, Content. Depending on the project this might include text, images and video, plus any existing branding, if necessary. Finally, once I have all the necessary information, content, and a deposit, we can get going.


This is where I get my creative cogs turning. In other words, you can relax and put your feet up. You can be certain in the knowledge that, as a professional designer, I am working hard and will be back in touch once I have designs that require feedback.


Initial concepts are provided and evolved. This process usually involves some back and forth in order to edit and refine the concepts. Open conversation always produces great insights and opinions. Therefore I insist that you are honest with your feedback as this allows me to better gauge your preferences.


The handover! Finally, once everyone is happy, I can proceed with finalising the project. This might include creating final designs in appropriate formats or printing paper based graphic designs, for example.

About Me

Design Experience

Professional Designer

Although now in my thirties, I still consider myself to be a young... aren't we all at heart? However, as a professional designer I have gathered years of experience in branding, graphic design and website design.

It all started when I joined a locally based, world-renowned business as an in-house graphic designer. Before becoming a Digital Designer, then Frontend Developer, for a Design Agency.

At Certo Design I make it my goal to get to know and understand your business so that I can help you grow. I believe that by developing strong branding, creating attractive designs and building professional websites that all communicate your values, I can do just that.

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