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Working from home has become the new normal in 2020 and for some it could be here to stay. With this in mind we are asking, just how easy is it to design remotely? At Certo Design we recently worked with a client based in America. We thought this would be a great case study to showcase the ease of customer interaction. Due to todays technological advances, it's easier than ever before.

The Case Study

The case study we are focusing on is the recent Logo Design for Fortis Feminae, based in America. Founder Rys wanted his dated logo updating to a more vibrant design that was bold and empowering. He was referred to Certo Design when talking to a mutual friend. We think that a professional design agency in Lancashire working for an American based foundation certainly classes as remote working and should make a great case study for you to read.

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Client Interaction

Working remotely may leave you stuck inside more often, but let's face it, you cut out the tedious commute and free up a little more time for yourself. Plus you might even get a little lie-in. Not only this, but client interaction is still possible. Due to a plethora of video call applications and software it's still possible to talk to clients, face-to-face. This includes FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom to name a few.

Working Remotely - Video Call Apps

However, during this case study we communicated by using a WhatsApp group, set up by a mutual friend. Here we could openly discuss the brief and ideas whilst exchange images.

As a designer, face to face interaction is usually preferred. This is because it helps to form a more comprehensive idea of a brand or business. However, working remotely is merely a hurdle. One that can be easily overcome by using technology. The logo redesign was discussed, with images and comments exchanged. Finally we agreed theparameters, before moving onto the initial design phase.

Design and Feedback

The design phase was reduced, as this was a redesign, rather than a completely new logo design. Due to this we had a good starting point in terms of look and feel. It just needed some attention to detail and a professional touch.

Working Remotely - Phone Apps

We were able to get the initial designs back to the client within a week! The initial design layouts were sent as a PDF to the client, via WhatsApp. Then Rys from Fortis Feminae could view the designs and give feedback. Our process usual evolves several rounds of feedback in order to evolve the concepts and finish with one final logo design. Again, we could have used video call, and even shared the screen and explained the design decisions. However, this wasn't necessary, the client was thrilled with the options provided and quickly selected two designs.

Finalising the Design

The two selected designs were evolved, thanks to the feedback that was given via WhatsApp. Another week later and we had a logo design finalised. Three logos were created during this time, developed from the two that were selected. These also included a few colour variations. Rys then selected the design he liked and the final logo files were emailed to him.

Speed, Quality & Value

In the space of 2 weeks a completely unique logo was redesigned, using an inclusive process, by a professional designer. And all whilst working remotely. The Atlantic Ocean was no obstacle and the logo design process was easy and informal.

Sure there are lots of free logo design website available today, you could even design your own. However, the services of a professional designer ensures that your logo is functional and completely unique. Furthermore, a variety of layouts and formats are supplied. This ensures you can use your logo wherever you would like.

'You get what you pay for'. It's common phrase but it certainly rings true. Nevertheless logo design doesn't have to cost a fortune. Certo Design logos often start at around £120, which is more than your off-the-shelf £25 logo, but it's worth every penny. And, as we have established, the design process doesn't always have to include long meetings. By using various modes of communication, from text, email and message apps to video calls, a unique and professional logo design can still be achieved.

I was introduced to Dan via a mutual friend. I had a rough idea how I wanted my logo to look and I gave Dan a very rough draft that I had developed with a description of my vision. Within a matter of days Dan had produced a variety of options that were unbelievable, professional & vibrant. After a couple of edits we came to the perfect logo. I would be happy to recommend Dan to anyone looking to create or design a logo. His response time is almost immediate and his product is outstanding. 5 Stars!
Ryzard Chadwick, Founder of Fortis Feminae

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